Who Else Wants To Rise Above Their Rubbish Issues?

Rubbish removal Northern Beaches is a family owned and operated business that has been providing efficient commercial and industrial. As an Island, Guernsey can not blame anyone else for its waste issues, apart from the activities of every man woman child, and industry on this pleasant tourist location in the Channel Isles.

For many years now, the main dumping ground for the ever-increasing waste (until trends started to reverse last year) had been Mount Cuet, Those of you that live in the vicinity are only too well aware of the issues there due to the waste mountain that grows ever higher every month.

Squawking seagulls, putrefying smells, gas leaks, flying rubbish… no wonder so many people are at their wits end.

So, let’s have another look at the rubbish issues.

I think most people would agree that to reduce, or even remove, the legacy and the future activity towards waste must incorporate everybody acting in a more responsible manner:-

  • Buying less pre-packed foods
  • Stop the local shops issuing free plastic bags, and make everyone buy ‘lifetime’ bags
  • Buying less disposable items, like nappies, razor blades and so forth.
  • Sorting their recycling materials into separate bins from their rubbish
  • Putting all their food scraps and green garden waste into another bin.

The problem with this plan is that it is starting to impose a lifestyle change on many people, and could also have a price impact on their usual shopping bills. And if you look at what has happened on the UK mainland, look at the reputation some Councils have got, where they employ ‘snoopers’ or get their neighbours to ‘shop’ anyone who puts the tiniest piece of rubbish in the wrong bin.

Again, most people think that to install a waste management solution that is all-singing all -dancing is going to cost so much as force the Council to have to impose a stiff hike in local taxes.

Well, let’s have a look at a ‘Utopian’ solution, and then let’s see if we can come up with a cost for such a great solution…

Ideally, the solution chosen would have all of these characteristics:-

  1. A facility that can accept tons of unsorted waste ( even your Municipal Black Bag waste and dangerous Hospital waste), heating it up enough with steam at low pressure, for sterilising all of this waste input, so that all pathological risks are removed, all lacquer stripped from tins and aluminium cans, labels from glass jars and bottles (increasing their scrap value)
  2. A mechanical facility for automatically sorting ALL waste, sterilising it, maximising the recycling output, and leaving all the fibrous products ( paper, green waste, wood, etc) ready for inputting to an energy converting process. Straight away, this would negate the need for everyone to use separate bins for all their rubbish – recyclable or not. Even the standard Recycle Bin will have a mix of papers, cardboard, plastics, tins, glass and so forth. This still has to be sorted somehow.
  3. A facility for sending all the sorted rubbish (now in fibrous form) into a system that will convert this matter into green electricity, with no toxic waste to go to any landfill. Also, there would be no need for a massive smoke stack (as there is with incineration) as the output into the atmosphere will be about 12 parts per million (EU regulations state that 200 parts per million is acceptable). This is achieved by using the very latest proven Pyrolysis system (not gasification). Any residue that is left (especially if crushed demolition debris is passed through) will be perfectly sterile aggregate – not the sort of stuff to be thrown away on a landfill, but a perfectly saleable product to use in road building and such like.
  4. This system would be able to produce around 1 Megawatt of clean electricity for every 1000 tons of rubbish – stuff that in the French electric cable (in more ways than one)
  5. As a bonus, this system should be fully modular to allow for future growth, and also be able to accept different types of waste input, such as plastic bottles, or even human sewage. Now, with the problem affecting the old sewage outlet pipe, here is a way of getting even more bangs for your bucks and making Guernsey more acceptable to tourists. (Who likes swimming in seas contaminated with human pool).
  6. And how about this for an extra bonus… why not dig out some of the latest waste from Mont Cuet, which is probably full of recyclables anyway, and feed this into the Plant.

You know, this sort of Utopia is fine, but once again, let’s look at the probable costs involved.

If you recall, early last year you were looking for filthy incineration system for around £90 million, that would not even do half of the above, and especially had no answer to your sewage problem.

Well, now here you have a solution that:-

  • makes life for everyone on the Island easier as far as recycling is concerned
  • Automatically sorts and sterilises far more recyclables with no human intervention.
  • generates green electricity for large parts of the whole island
  • removes the whole Island’s sewage problem
  • produces no toxic waste to be land filled
  • produces no puthering smoke pollution that would be seen all around the island
  • actually start to reduce the content of Mount Cuet landfill.

And what is the cost? Nothing. In return for a 25 year contract of the Island to supply a minimum amount of waste and to agree to purchase the electricity at competitive rates, Green Homes Global will provide this Utopian solution!

Well, what are you waiting for? Speak to your local councilor, and ask him or her when they are going to go ahead…

Geoff Morris is working with a number of companies facilitating the humanitarian projects being implemented by the Matua Karanga Foundation. If you would like to understand more about His Excellency Chief Charles Hohepa, The Foundation, and the collaboration between First Nations, their Cultures, and the planned Humanitarian projects for around the world, please visit [http://www.matuakarangaglobal.org]

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