Things to Know About Laser Treatments Before Going to A Clinic to Get One

The rf skin tightening before and after results you will see the difference of your cracking skin after the treatment.

The Coolsculpting Melbourne solution offers many advantages over conventional surgical procedures that you can get in Melbourne, or overseas.

PicoSure laser treatment is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser for the safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions For somebody who is younger, you can get away with just using a good skin-care regimen like sunscreen or maybe getting a chemical peel here and there. But you reach a point where you wish you could get back that perk that you used to have. That is where skin laser treatments from cosmetic clinics like the Face Doctors Remuera come in. And they can do a world of difference. But you need to know what you’re getting into if you want to get the most out of it.

Skin laser treatments can do a million things for your skin.

“Laser” stands for light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation. Yep, it’s complicated. But simply, it’s a wavelength of light, and different things in our skin will absorb different wavelengths. That means derms and cosmetic pros at Face Doctors Remuera use one wavelength to target brown spots, another for red bumps, etc. In fact, every pro we talked to has multiple machines in their office to handle the most common complaints, from fading stretch marks to treating rosacea.

Brown spots and discoloration, redness, wrinkles, acne scarring, surgery scars, stretch marks, and even tattoo removal are all things a cosmetic clinic like the Face Doctors Remuera might recommend a laser for. They’re not like magic erasers, but they’re quite helpful.

One reason why dermatologists and cosmetic experts like the pros at Face Doctors Remuera love skin laser treatments: They get the job done and require very little follow-up once a series of treatments is done. Some treatments take a few sessions spaced out over time to work. But after that, you’re pretty much done.

People have this idea that skin laser treatments are so expensive, “Oh, it takes so many treatments. Oh, I’m going to have such a bad recovery.” But really, it’s not that expensive and it works really well.”

Let’s be real for a second: Skin laser treatments at derma clinics or cosmetic clinics like the Face Doctors Remuera are not cheap. But when you compare a lump sum for a handful of laser treatments to a lifetime supply of skin care products, you can see why so many people think it’s worth the cost.

Here’s what skin laser treatments can do for you-plus which lasers will get the job done.

  • If you want an allover rejuvenating treatment
  • If you want to get rid of redness – Vascular lasers target the hemoglobin in blood, which makes them superb at fading redness caused by any number of skin conditions, including broken blood vessels, cherry angiomas (which look like little red moles), red patches, and rosacea.
  • If you want to get rid of brown spots-or a tattoo that you regret: When shit happens and you hate that tattoo, lasers can erase your ink. The tattoo laser is attracted to pigment in the skin, brown in particular. Warning: Not all designs come away easily. In order to remove a tattoo, it depends on the quality of the tattoo, how much pigment is in there, if it was professionally done versus done in a garage, if it’s old, if it’s new. Overall, new tattoos that are done professionally are harder to remove. Plus, colors like green, yellow, and blue can be stubborn. Since a tattoo laser targets the color brown really well, it can also be good for treating dark spots.
  • If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair: A hair laser works by targeting pigment. The laser light has a preference for the melanin that’s in the base of the hair follicle. The laser burns the hair down to the base stunting the growth. It can be used on underarms, bikini line, and legs. Because hair-removal lasers target the pigment in hair, it works best on skin types with a high contrast between hair and skin color (think: fair skin and dark hair).

That brings us to a major caveat to this laser lovefest: Make sure you go to a legit provider.

Currently there is no board certification in laser medicine. And while most skin laser treatments require some training to operate, sometimes that course is given by the company that makes the machine-to anyone who buys it. Unfortunately the way things are with lasers, almost anybody could just buy a laser and open shop. It’s a strong machine. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can definitely cause injury.

The pros recommend seeing a medical doctor when it comes to skin laser treatments like the Face Doctors Remuera. Even with treatments as simple as laser hair removal, make sure you do a thorough check on the facility. Another thing to consider when you sign up for a laser treatment: Does this facility have the right medical staff to handle an emergency if something goes wrong? You’d be surprised how many people I see who have complications from laser treatments. There’s no laser police running around. People get injured, and they can’t even sue.

Warning: Lasers can be very painful but everyone’s pain threshold is different. However, lasers are known to be painful. It depends on the area of the body. The face and the neck tend to hurt more with the laser than other areas. Although bikini and underarm laser hair removal definitely hurts, too.

Most times, pros will apply a strong numbing cream before using the laser.

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