Surfing and The Surfer`s Paradise

Expect to see plenty of theatrical tricks during surf contest in Australia. The south of Bali island is faced the hindi ocean, it has sprung up along the spectacular beaches, furthermore, the combination of large offshore reefs and shaped coastline have made this region a genuine surfer`s paradise. You can find perfect wave on these beautiful beaches:

– Medewi Beach @ Negara- Balian Beach @ Tabanan- Pererenan Beach @ Tabanan- Canggu Beach @ Canggu- Peti Tenget Beach @ Kerobokan- Legian Beach @ Kuta- Kuta Beach @ Kuta- Kuta reef @ Kuta- Airport Left @ Airport Tuban- Airport Rights @ Airport Tuban- Jimbaran Beach @ Jimbaran- Balangan Beach @ Bukit Balangan- Dreamland Beach @ Bukit Pecatu- Bingin Beach @ Bukit- Padang-padang Beach @ Bukit- Uluwatu Beach @ Bukit Uluwatu- Nyang-nyang Beach @ Bukit- Batu Pageh Beach @ Batu Pageh- Nusa Dua Beach @ Nusa Dua- samuh Beach @ Nusa Dua- Serangan Beach @ Serangan Island- Semawang Beach @ Sanur- Tanjung sari Beach @ Sanur- Sanur Beach @ sanur- Padang Galak Beach @ Sanur- Ketewel Beach @ Batubulan- Keramas Beach @ Gianyar- Lebih Beach @ Gianyar- Padang Bai Beach @ Padang Bai – Lembongan Beach @ Lembongan Island

What are the rules for surfing? here are basic knowledge before you wax your surfing board.

Know your Skill and AbilityThis is the first thing you should realize. You have to know how good you are at a wave riding and your physical strength (the power your arm and back muscle to paddle out and the important is your ability to hold breath during the rinse cycle time in a bad wipe out)

Know the EnvironmentSimple tips for you to know the environment is, better ask the locals about the surf break, where is the paddle out point and paddle in point, bottom contour and natural hazard. Please really concern to the latter, you do not want to end up tangled in bull kelp, skimming along beside a shark or heading out to sea on a rip. Do not panic, anytime when you caught in it.

Throw or Hold? Know when to hold onto your surfboard and when to get rid of it. If you are paddling out then keep hold of your board, you will get out back to the line up more quickly and you will not put anyone paddling out behind you at risk. If you are about to wipe out then get ride of your board. You are far more likely to sustain an injury if you and your board getting washed together, but if you really need to bail from your board, check your tail and make sure that there is no one behind you before you bail and try to keep your board parallel to the beach, to minimize the risk of snapping it because of the impact from the wave`s lip.

The most hated thing by surfer, always remember! that you are not taking anyone`s wave. Surfer who is closest the wave has the priority.

So guys, please make sure the rules and the fun, you won`t get trouble while you are surfing, are you?

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