Fusion Technologies in Goggle Design

When it comes to the advances made with swimmers goggles, the company that is leading the field is no doubt Zoggs. They have been at the forefront of design for a good number of years by constantly refining the way they approach the sport of competitive swimming.

One piece, silicon rubber, polarized lens, anti-fog and anti-glare are all things that you will find today in a modern swimmers goggle design framework. It is no surprise that this fusion of sport and science has had a field day in recent times. Searching online for suppliers of Zoggs goggles, you will come across DDWaustralia.com.au. They are a discount supplier of many swimming and surfing accessories.

The Olympic games, which come around every four years, in fact this year is a leap year, February has an extra day to catch up the quarter day plus 365 days it takes for the earth to orbit around the sun completely, happens to be occurring this year, 2016. So with being in an Olympic year we are sure to see some of the latest breakthroughs in competitive swimming emerge this year.

One of the greatest advancements in competitive swimming was achieved with the advent of the “seal suit“, as made popular by world class swimmer, Ian Thorpe of Australia. The year this friction reducing body suit was allowed into the field of competitive swimming, the times and world records were all broken and smashed to pieces.

Such is the ability of modern science and the fusion of techno-advancement that swimming aids, like goggles, swim suits, bathing costumes, sun screen and fast drying materials are bound to appear and make inroads to greater success. If you are searching online to buy these types of products, then companies such as DDW Australia, are among the best sources for these things. Discounting and home delivery are a specialty, so you don’t even need to leave the couch to get them delivered to your door. Well, maybe you will have to get up off the lounge to sign for them, and of course you will be off to the pool to try them out.