Expanding Your Catering Business: Some Suggestions

You started to cater small parties from your restaurant just a year back. You have successfully handled them and your clients were more than happy with your service, food and competency. That is why it is high time to expand your catering business to handle bigger parties this holiday season. As with any new business, you will need to invest in some equipment before you take large orders. It includes serving dishes, plates, cutleries, etc. If you are not too keen on buying them, you can rent those that you don’t have for the initial stage of your business. Sometimes you might pay for staff working lunches with your directors to eat whilst they’re at work.

In this regard, remember that there will be many caterers in the business during this holiday season and many of them rent equipment. So make sure you book yours as soon as you get an order so that you are not left without necessary plates and spoons on the day of the event! Now if your servers had been working in your small catering events, it is time to expand their roles. Pick out the best three and train them to become team supervisors.

On the floor of your restaurant, they can also double as spokespersons when someone inquires about your catering business. Apart from regular wages, you can promise them incentives for their role. As for servers, you can hire temporary people for the events. First, you should ask them to meet you in your restaurant so that they are familiar with each other. Then you can give them the details about the event you are catering and how they should serve those attending.

As for your food, it is time to introduce some new dishes. Experiment with new entrees, appetizers, salads, desserts. See which ones are most popular and keep them on your catering menu. On this subject, try dishes that you can be partially cook on your premises the day before and complete on the day of the event. Some can be finished at the catering site so that you can present piping hot dishes. As for dining options, prepare for both sitting and buffet.

Now that you have the ball rolling to expand your catering business here are some tips to help you tell the world

First, send an email to your previous clients telling them you are now catering weddings, corporate parties, conventions and other such large events. There is a good chance that at least one of those clients will be responsible for organizing the company’s annual party or some other event and will recommend you.

Similarly, if there are regular corporate workers lunching or dining in your restaurant, don’t forget to tell them about your catering business. Most companies have annual parties for their associates, clients, staff and their families during the holiday season. Therefore, if you can get the word out, you will have a chance to get some great orders this holiday season.

Going for larger events will certainly be a big step for your catering business. However, with the right planning and organization, you can surely pull it off.